About On The Well


Hi There!

Welcome to OTW. I am Mia, a complete holistic health and wellness junkie!


Journey to Vibrant health 

On The Well was born out of my love for holistic health. I have dealt with my share of digestive issues, anxiety, brain fog, and overwhelm. The "why" behind these symptoms remained unclear until I had that 'aha' moment about health - It is a multifaceted state of being. Our diet, gut health, stress level, and our environment are major health determining factors. I believe that everyone has the ability to understand the root cause of their health issues and get to know how inflammatory triggers affect their well being. I am here to show you how this all works in the body and provide simple solutions so you feel more empowered to create your own healthy lifestyle. On The Well philosophy is simple - Uncomplicated Health and Wellness. 

Who am I?

I received my bachelor’s in biomedical sciences & biotechnology and completed my doctorate in chiropractic medicine. 


With a passion for research, I focused my clinical rotations on publishing peer-reviewed journal(s) – with a primary interest in gut health & immune health. Working in an integrated healthcare clinic, I have treated so many individuals using an integrative approach – combining modalities such as acupuncture, rehabilitative yoga and holistic nutrition. 

I have worked with many patients facing chronic pain such as degenerative disc disease, disc herniations, migraines, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, crohns, ulcerative colitis, SIBO and IBS. 


I practice and teach yoga in my community regularly and continually share my passion for all things wellness through this blog.

More on OTW philosophy

Let's start with my diet philosophy first. Believe it or not, I grew up a vegetarian! During my late teens and twenties, I had several health issues and major gut healing to do! I needed to make certain shifts in diet and lifestyle and I introduced animal proteins to my diet. This truly helped me heal. My diet right now is very much plant-based but I do trickle in some animal proteins (I am very picky with them!).


So here's the thing, there is no one type of diet and lifestyle that will work for a person. I firmly believe that it needs to be catered to bio-individuality. OTW embraces a plant-based diet where the majority of the nourishment comes from plants with very small amounts of animal foods trickled in for their gut-healing benefits. Most of the recipes you will see here are vegan or vegetarian.


Apart from diet, lifestyle factors such as stress and environment play a huge role in overall wellness. So you will see articles on fitness, yoga, and non-toxic living as well! 

What will you find on OTW?

✽  Recipes - Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

✽  Gut Health

✽  Immune Health

✽  Stress management

✽  Mindfulness, Mental-Emotional well being

✽  Yoga

Thanks for tuning in! 

Mia ❤