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Welcome to On The Well! I am Dr. Mia, a modern integrative medicine doc & wellness expert.  


On The Well was born out of my passion for simple & sustainable wellness. To give you a high-level backstory, my holistic wellness journey began with my own health issues. I have dealt with my share of digestive issues, anxiety, brain fog, and overwhelm. 


Through my own journey, my medical training, and working with hundreds of individuals, one thing has always stood true. Optimal health does not have to be complicated and confusing. However, with so much information out there, tons of diets and nutrition advice, it's easy to get in the weeds of figuring out what is a myth and what is not. My mission with On The Well is simple: To simplify nutrition and wellness so you are empowered to create your own healthy lifestyle.

For as long as I can remember, I have lived with anxiety. Along with anxiety, I also had a weak gut. 


Life wasn't fun living with anxiety and gut issues. The feeling of hopelessness was so real.


I remember the days feeling so out of my body ... uncomfortable and disconnected. Everything felt so off... To add insult to injury, I also had skin issues. I felt so stuck not knowing what to do. I turned to doctors and specialists for guidance and was only offered bandaid solutions with medications.  I innately knew medications weren't going to truly help me  - my issues were not acute that a 2-week prescription would fix and I definitely did not want to be on medications long-term. I thank my fam for helping me understand this at a very young age. I wanted to find a natural way to eliminate these issues once and for all so I do not have to feel stuck ever again.

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When I took a deep dive into my healing journey, I started by making small intentional shifts. I initially turned to minimalism as a way to become more mindful and less anxious. This started a ripple effect for me and the next most important pillar that I tackled was nutrition. I took to nourishing my mind and body with the right foods & nutrients to help balance out the biochemical dance in my system.


Simultaneously, I went back to my yoga practice to help create a more meaningful mind-body connection. With the help of my natural medicine mentors, a little talk therapy, and a lot of education on gut health and brain health, I was able to kick my own gut & anxiety issues to the curb.


And so, here I am, an integrative medicine doc, focused mainly on gut  and brain health. Over the years, I have created a holistic tool kit inclusive of nutrition, movement & mind-body techniques that help create alignment with your gut and your brain...your mind & body. 

My mission with On The Well is simple: To simplify nutrition and wellness so you are empowered to create your own healthy lifestyle.


I received my bachelor's in Biomedical Science and Biotechnology and completed my doctorate in Chiropractic (integrative) Medicine. I am certified in acupuncture, nutrition, registered as an experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and continue to take countless post-graduate training in integrative medicine, movement therapy and nutrition. This includes expert training focused on gut health, brain health, autoimmune conditions, and hormonal health. 

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My goal with On The Well is to create a welcoming space for you to turn to as a resource on nutrition, wellness & intentional living. Here you will find me sharing clinical pearls and nutrition nuggets to help support gut health, brain health, and overall wellness. 

This is also a safe space for me to share my own evolving experiences with health & wellness.  I am so glad you tuned in! I hope you enjoy your visit. 

With love and light,