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Hi There!

Welcome to OTW. I am Mia, a modern holistic medicine doc slash wellness expert specializing in gut-brain health.

On The Well was born out of my passion for natural medicine. I have dealt with my share of digestive issues, anxiety, brain fog, and overwhelm. The "why" behind these symptoms remained unclear until I had that 'aha' moment about health. Our diet, gut health, stress level, and environment are major health determining factors. I believe that everyone has the ability to understand the root cause of their health issues and get to know how inflammatory triggers affect their well-being. I am here to show you how this all works in the body and provide simple solutions so you feel more empowered to create your own healthy lifestyle.

A little background

Quick reality check - My passion has always been health and wellness. It wasn't until I experienced my own anxiety attacks along with gut issues during med school that I made it my mission to find the perfect solution. I needed to find a way to eliminate these issues once and for all so I do not have to feel stuck ever again!


And so, here I am, a holistic med doc, focused mainly on digestive issues and anxiety. Over the years, I have created a holistic tool kit inclusive of holistic diet/nutrition, yoga & mind-body techniques that help create alignment with your mind & body. 

I partner with high-performing women struggling with chronic gut issues, anxiety and brain fog so they too can get "unstuck"!

My mission is to help you eliminate your bloat, brain fog and anxiety and get you feeling calm, confident and vibrant! 

What will you find on OTW?

Articles on:

✽  Gut Health

✽  Brain Health

✽  Immune Health

✽  Stress management

✽  Mindfulness, Mental-Emotional well being

✽  Nourishing Recipes - Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

✽  Yoga

OTW Boutique:

✽  With health & wellness tools I personally use and recommend to my own clients!

Thanks for tuning in! 

Mia ❤