5 detox practices that you should try to do every day!

When January 1st hits, we are all excited to turn a new page and start fresh, aren’t we? There is always something about the new year that just gets us all in the mode to make lifestyle changes. A new year equals new health goals and new intentions. One of the most common health practices people do for the new year is committing to a detox program. Detox programs are a great way to get things back on your health track. While there are specific ways to go about doing a detox, here are 5 general rules of thumb everyone doing a detox should consider.

1. Focus on the quality of the food – Whether the detox calls for adding or omitting certain foods, it is incredibly important to focus on its quality. Just giving your body wholesome, organic foods really increases the nutrient value in your meals. One of the main detox organs is the gut. Your gut is the main part of the body that connects your inside world with the outside world. Keeping the quality high ensures the gut and the gut bugs are getting the nutrients to thrive. In turn, a healthy gut microbiome helps with producing vitamins and minerals the rest body will need.

2. Take care of your skin – Along with the gut, the skin is also a major detox organ! Think about it, it is the largest organ and a physical barrier that protects you all day, every day! It is exposed to so many environmental toxins and this includes all the skincare products we use on a daily basis. Think about all the cleanser, creams, serums, deodorants, and make-up we use and stack up. During a detox, try to avoid using chemical-laden makeup and skincare products. Instead, opt for natural products such as coconut oil, castile soap, and tox-free makeup products to reduce the toxic burden. Some of my favorite make-up brands include 100% Pure, Bare Minerals, Mineral Fusion

3. Sweat it out – This is a no-brainer and cannot be emphasized enough. You might have read this or heard this over and over again, but sometimes it takes repetition to really make it stick! While doing cardio or high-intensity workouts have their benefits, I would recommend low-impact workouts such as barre, pilates, and yoga during detox phases. These promote more mechanical twists and turns that support the detox processes naturally.

4. Give Dry Brushing a try – Dry Brushing is an ancient ayurvedic tradition that is incorporated in detox protocols to promote lymphatic drainage. It is a great way to improve circulation along with lymphatic system function where toxins are moved and propelled out of the system. It feels great and would definitely give you the satisfaction of accomplishing some self-care!

5. Think about doing a digital detox as well – Ok, this one might be the hardest! We live in the digital age now and while it has permanently sneaked its way into our lives, it is important to not let it control us. With social media influence, stress-provoking news, and overflowing inboxes, it can all get overwhelming. You might have heard the saying, “we are what we eat” but in reality, we are what we eat, drink, touch, hear, watch and cannot eliminate! Think about ditching social media for a few days. This might be a perfect time to relax with loved ones, pick up a book you have always wanted to read, or learn a new skill.

Here’s the bottom line, there are so many detox protocols that can be personalized to individual needs. But the above-listed detox practices can be made unanimous across the board. From promoting liver function to balancing inflammation, these tips can very easily be incorporated to help promote overall wellbeing.