Upgrade your Smoothie

Do you smoothie? Find out what makes a regular smoothie, a super smoothie!

The Super smoothie

“The first thing that hits the body should be something healing and nourishing”

I love smoothies! They are simple, easy to make and more importantly, they are easy to digest and absorb in the system because in the ground up form, the nutrients are easily available for the body to take in.

Start with a proper base

Find your favorite organic greens. Certain greens thrive better during certain seasons. Find out what is fresh and in season in your grocery store. This goes with fruits as well - if it GROWS together, it GOES together. Fresh or frozen is preferred as they retain all their nutritional value in these forms.

Add in Healthy fats

The secret to making your smoothie smooth and creamy. I love Avocados and nut butters for healthy. Keep the nut butters clean without any added sugar or additives.

Next up Fiber

The daily recommendation is at least 25-35 g! This fuels your microbiome and is essential as a prebiotic for a healthy and happy gut. My favorite sources are veggies, chia and flax!

A source of protein

A good quality, properly sourced protein is a must! Opt for good quality protein sources such as rice, bone broth or pea protein. Cricket protein (like the bug) has been the latest buzz and I dont know how I feel about it yet. I am not against whey protein (good source of glutathione) as long as the company is transparent about their source and their quality control processes.

The Add ons - The secret ingredients to make the Super smoothie

If you have ever had a facial, the aesthetician almost always offers an add-on service to compliment the procedure. Just like that, I want to mention these add ons to your basic smoothie. They are AMAZING and can be added depending on your specific health goals.

1. Probiotics - You can add a plant based yogurt to your smoothie or sprinkle in some probiotic powder for that gut healing boost.

2. Bovine Colostrum - This is a star ingredient that offers passive immunity, essential growth factors, lactoferrin to scavenge toxic residues in the gut. I mean, this should be in your arsenal if you are looking to do a gut reset cleanse.

3. Serum Bovine Immunoglobulins - This is an incredible nutrient that, like colostrum, offers passive immunity and helps remove toxic agents in the gut. It is also dairy free, great for those who are sensitive to dairy.

4. Collagen - An essential protein for building healthy muscular integrity.

5. Spices - Two of my favorite spices are turmeric and cinnamon. They offer a plethora of benefits from balancing blood sugar to taking care of unwelcome inflammatory reactions in the body.

There you have it! Transform a basic smoothie into a super smoothie with these ingredients.