8 Benefits of Minimalism

I adopted minimalism many years ago and I was able to experience far more benefits than I expected there to be! So here are 8 benefits of minimalism that might surprise you as much as it surprised me.


This might be a bit of a shocker, but we tend to spend more than we realize. Before you pick up things and mindlessly add items to your cart, ask yourself - do you already have this or something similar? do you really need this? When you become more mindful of your possessions & purchases, you have more to spend on things that truly add value to your life like your long-term dreams and goals.


When your consumption of material goods goes down, it immediately impacts your ecological footprint as well. ”To Reduce” is the essence of minimalism. By reducing clutter and consumption of goods in one’s life, it reduces waste by default. The less we consume and buy, the less we waste and the less damage we do to the environment. Pretty simple right?


When there is too much visual clutter, it can get a bit overwhelming for the brain to keep up with all the unwanted stimuli. By removing distractions, we suppose a sense of calm to the brain which in turn will help you focus the important stuff.


What we own can really take over our lives. Managing our possessions, in the end, can take control of our time and we tend to stray away from important tasks and to-dos. When we streamline what we possess to fewer and essential things, we create more time to be efficient & effective.


Having fewer things opens up space both in your physical space (your home) as well as your mental-emotional space (your mind & heart). Research shows that there is a correlation between materialism and stress and anxiety. Becoming more intentional with what you purchase and own helps lighten any emotional burden and allows more room for personal growth.


This is an unexpected benefit of living with less. Owning luxury goods like the latest and greatest high-end clothes or cars may promote a sense of happiness and confidence. But it is dependent on something external and therefore it is transient. Choosing to declutter your life and live with less sets you free from the comparison game. You truly start to feel good about yourself just because of who you are and not because of what you own.


This is perhaps the most powerful benefit of minimalism. When material things don't weigh you down, you start to feel light, lifted and free to go after your dreams. Decluttering and minimalizing offers you a sigh of relief from unnecessary responsibilities and provides clarity towards your purpose.


I saved the best one for last! To me, happiness is a state of being and not a state of having. When we are able to thrive with fewer things, it truly does instills a sense of joy and gratitude for all that we have.

A few caveats to note:

I do not think there is a perfect definition of minimalism. For some minimalism is living with as little as possible. While this is completely valid, it is not the definition I personally subscribe to. To me, minimalism is not about having less things but about having the perfect amount of things. It is more about being intentional with my possesions and having things that truly sparks joy in my life. So define what minimalism means to you and focus that script on the things that honors your priorities.