The Hardest things to do in a Yoga Practice

There are two most difficult things to do in a yoga practice -

One is unrolling your mat and the second is relaxing into a pose called Savasana - the corpse pose.

This might sound peculiar to you, but if you think about it, the first thing to do in a yoga practice is to get your space ready and unroll your mat! This takes drive, motivation, the desire to move and work on your mind – which, let’s face it, requires a lot out of you.

This is half the battle and once you have your space ready, the practice that follows can be a breeze. But more than unrolling your mat, the most difficult thing to do in a yoga practice is the final pose, Savasana - the corpse pose. Don’t be fooled by this easy looking pose, because the essence of this pose is to calm the mind and this can be very hard to do.

Working with props is a great way to fine-tune your Savasana practice.

Using Props to Access Yoga Poses

It is no surprise that even those who have advance poses in their practice struggle with Savasana. The main purpose of this asana is to relax with attention – which is a prelude to getting into a meditative state. Entering an attentive, relaxed state requires diligence and may take years of practice. There is a reason why Savasana is the last pose of a yoga practice and every pose before that preps you for this pose. All other active asanas help stretch the body and release any tension held in the muscles. So, the first step of getting into Savasana is to let go of any tension or tightness in the muscles. However, the art of relaxation might need a little nudge sometimes. This is why working with props is a great way to fine-tune your Savasana practice.

Want to know what props to use and how to use them? Head on over to my complete blog article at The Sankalpa Project - Community Blog.

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