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Scientific | Holistic | Sustainable


Functional medicine is where science-based meets holistic. Through appropriate functional lab work, we can map what the body is telling us and curate an evidence-based solution that is both efficient & effective.

1:1 Consulting

This is a 90 min session where we will go over your health history, current pain points, existing lab work, and your immediate health goals. A personalized plan will be provided along with tools and resources to get you there.


We will not just be matching a supplement to a symptom. Labs are a good guide to start with, but you are are not your lab results. Holistic is looking into the various pillars of health & adding all the nourishing elements to the body that need to be replenished 

On The Well Program

This is my signature program where you will work with me for a 3-month time frame. The program includes a thorough intake, monthly check-ins, detailed functional lab work, and a customized plan to help you reach your goals.


I follow the "KISS" approach: Keep it Simple & Sustainable. This is how we can get practical & tactical about implementing changes that will stick! I am all about consistency and creating healthy habits rather than a quick fix!  


This is the online resource that I have created to help you with your gut-brain connection. I want you to get from bloated and anxious to calm, confident, and vibrant and this course is a guide that will empower you with the tools you need. 

Details to follow